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DIYA Investments - We show class, have pride and display character. We do, winning takes care of itself.



Our approach or execution towards the share market will be based on understanding your objective and risk management.

Complete guidance and support for clients who are beginners and those who don’t have time to be a participant.

Close monitoring on your portfolio and timely updates for reshuffle of your existing positions or any new openings in the market.

Complete transparency & openness carried out while approaching the market; create a friendly environment, so we could work together as a partner.

We do hand-holding, so over a period of time we would nurture you slowly to learn and understand the market functionality.

If you needed any suggestions or support on long term investments from your profit or less capital, then we would be able to help you with penny stocks which could become an asset for your child’s future.

As per our Standard Operating Procedure(SOP)

We strongly recommend you to move the profits to your savings account, so you could feel the benefit of being in the share market which gives you a good feel factor.

If you insist your profit money to be in the market, we will have a consultation on your objective again to suggest the best possible options in the market for you.

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